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Title: Drink the Wild Air.
Warnings: PWP.
Characters/couples: Spitfire/Kazu.
Summary: Kazu is starting to get the idea that Spitfire could ask him if going swimming into nuclear waste was okay and Kazu would say yes. Spitfire smiles like molasses before he drops to one knee in one fluid movement, and Kazu stares.
Rating: NC17.
Notes: A/N: Written for springkink: Air Gear, Spitfire/Mikura Kazuma: slow pace - "Fire impossible to extinguish"

Drink the Wild Air.

Be Here with Me [IkkixKazu]

Title: Be Here with Me
Fandom: Manga – Air Gear
Author: Faker of Innocence aka unsugared
Character(s)/Pairing(s): IkkixKazu
Summary: Until then, he was simply happy to hold the person who had held him all night long.
Rating: PG-13, for kissing and slight swearing.
Warning: Slight spoiler to chap. 242. BL.
A/N: My first contribution to the fandom, and a fanfiction after, like, a year? So, yeah.
Disclaimer: Me own nothing, fine. So don’t rub it in, okay?


('It's Kazu, not Simca-san or Ringo.')


Thanks for looking!


Mar. 2nd, 2009


Taken In
2324 words
Spitfire/Sora (Sora/Rika and Sora/Kiric mentioned in passing)


Sora/Kilik fanfic x2

Hi, I'm Sessho~ I'm completely new to this community and quite new to Air Gear fandom. ^^ I bring you two short drabble-ish fanfics - enjoy :)

Title: After
Author: Sessho
Rating: G?
Pairing: Sora/Kilik if you squint (I do)
Warnings: Angst
A/N: betaed by regis - thanks; dedicated to ms_rebellious <3

(What after?)

Title: Foolish
Author: Sessho
Rating: G?
Pairing: Sora/Kilik if you squint (I do)
Warnings: More angst
A/N: betaed by regis - thanks; dedicated to ms_rebellious <3 Your fault that I love Kilik ;)

(Once they had been more than that)

Comments are love *^^*


Shhhh, I'm still allowed to pull out this journal to post here.

Scrolling through the stuff I did in 2008 made me realize I didn't post up a few pictures I did. Mostly sketches!

Rind, Ren Fah, Kanon, Kururu (well sort of anyway!)Collapse )

A little rusty here sorry

Prompt: story time, a fic for Aeon, please don't kill me

And that's why...Collapse )
For the record: This is the first fic I've written in years, and it's this, and I hate everyone who got me into Air Gear fandom ever and especially you, Spitfire. tsuntsuntsun

Picking Battles
1892 words
Nike/Spitfire, implied Sora/Spitfire (original Sleeping Forest)
PWP, NC-17


Aug. 11th, 2008

Let This Go
Sora/Kilik, 718 words, NC-17

( let this go )

lol chapter 213.

Jul. 4th, 2008

After I Have Traveled So Far
Kazu/Emiri; 2,129 words

inspired by perfectdays and her awesome Emiri.

( after I have traveled so far )